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Professional Emergency Flood Clean Up That Won't Cost You Your Insurance Policy.


At Dirtbusters we have the equipment and the professional knowledge to handle any size of floods due to weather, plumbing, roof leaks, and more. We are trained to use a step process in treating this kind of emergency.
The key with this kind of emergency is to treat the flooded area as quick as possible, within 48 hours or less. Otherwise mold and mildew will set and ruin anything that has been exposed to the flood.
We are professionally trained and focus solely on flooding to be the best in the industry. Most professional companies will come and clean it up rip your walls apart and fix it all for a huge cost forcing people to make a big insurance claim, which will leave you marked and more than likely a huge increase in your future insurance policy.
These days insurance agencies even consider cancelling your policy as you may be marked as a high risk. Our company does not put you through this kind of stress. We charge a fair fee for clean up and we save everything we can. Unless the circumstances are really bad, we don't even ripe drywall out we sanitize it and treat the exposed area. Our goal is to save you money and no cost you your insurance policy.
If your flood is caused my broken plumbing, we have a in house plumbing company. This way we show up and handle not just the clean up also the plumbing break that caused the flood. 
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